Sexless Marriage: Should We Blame the Wife?

The subject of sexless marriage seems to scare couples and most of them fear to even discuss it. This is because there are many marriages where spouses don’t engage in sexual intercourse at all. Although health and age can play some role in this situation, even healthy and young couples sometimes end up being in a sexless marriage. Most men tend to pass the blame on their wives. They claim that just a few years after the wedding, their wives seem to be less interested in sex and avoid it. So, should wives carry all the blame on sexless marriages?

You might have heard women publically saying that sex is not among their priorities and they don’t need it. In most cases, this is not true since humans are sexual beings. They all have a deep desire for sex regardless of their gender. In fact, research suggests that about 40 per cent of married women have deeper sexual desires than their husbands. It’s only that they shy from being open about this issue. Otherwise, why would sellers of sex toys and erotic novels record a lot more purchases from women than men?

Apart from burning with sexual desires, wives also tend to be more experimental about sex. They often yearn for new tricks and tactics that will fulfill their fantasies. As a husband, you may assume that your wife is not so much into sex and used to your boring sex routine. However, she may only do so for fear of being labeled horny, and she may actually be dreaming of the wildest sex. This explains why most cheating wives prefer to go out with younger men who have high sex drive. The only way that a middle-aged man can match the libido of young men is by using ED drugs like generic Levitra or Viagra. Canada and the US, by the way, statistically have approximately the same number of marriages ruined due to sexual problems.

Family burdens

Some women claim that they are overwhelmed with family issues that drift their minds away from sex. They give all attention to kids and ensure that everything at home is okay, which makes it difficult to think about sex. Others argue that marriage is more about kids and commitment. Although this point bears some weight, sex is one component that spices up any marriage. So, although wives may handle many family responsibilities, they should also remember to add sex to their list of priorities.

Husband’s flaws

Sometimes, there are flaws that a wife sees in her husband and which can push her into starting to avoid sex. Maybe you love to have a drink before going to bed and your wife detests the smell of alcohol. She will definitely be repulsed by your demands for sex.

Also, foreplay is something most women need to get aroused. But as surveys show, it’s also something many married men don’t consider to be a necessary part of intercourse.