Five Questions That You Must Ask Before Choosing A Roofing Contractor

Finding the right roofing contractor is not easy, and if you are looking for one, then you need to consider some factors in order to make the right choice. Here are some tips fro to help you navigate in the right direction for roofing in Pocatello.

Whether you have a new roof installed or you replace the existing roof, you need a professional roofing contractor who is well insured, uses quality materials, offers warranties and guarantees, and well established.

Useful tips for choosing a roofing contractor

You won’t be able to zero-in on the best roofing contractor until and unless you are well informed. You need to ask the following questions to the roofing contractor before finalizing a deal with him.

Are you insured and licensed?

Your roofing contractor must have third-party liability and work accident insurance to ensure protection to your house along with the employees working in it from accidents. Get in touch with their insurer to check whether the company is insured. Don’t make the mistake of taking the company’s word for everything. Do your research before finalizing anything.

Which organizations are you associated with?

There are several roofing associations, which set rules for roofers to follow. You need to ask as to which organization your roofer is associated with and check whether the roofer adheres to the rules set up by that organization.

What is your workmanship policy?

By that, you are basically asking the roofer whether he has a policy that covers any problem that arises once the work is done. The majority of warranties last for a year or so, others longer. But the most important thing is that the roofer respects his guarantees. You can also get in touch with previous customers who he has worked for in order to gain some information about their experience regarding the warranty offered by the roofer. You should also find out how the roofer handles complaints made by his customers. Once asked for warranty, you should check how quickly he works on it. Also ask his previous clients as to how much trustworthy the roofer really is.

How long has your business been?

If your roofing contractor is into this business for decades, then you will certainly find finesse in his approach and work.  In addition, an established roofing company will more likely to have a permanent address. A well-established company will also have a large customer base, which will testify to the quality of the roofing contractor work.

Do you provide estimates and contracts in writing?

A roofing contractor must provide all the prices and specifications in writing. If the contractor requires a deposit, then he should clear that before the start of the contract. Avoid contractors who ask 1/3rd of the total payment upfront.

Before making a final decision, you should get in touch with multiple roofing companies, compare their prices and work methods to identify the most suitable company. The more you ask, the better are the chances of finding the best roofing company.