Mile-Hi Chapter

of the Falcon Club of America


Steamboat Springs is located Northwest of Denver, CO in the Yampa Valley along the Yampa River, it provides many outdoor activities, shops, and a number of historical sites.  Steamboat's elevation is only 6,695 feet making it the lowest elevation of any major mountain resort in Colorado and over 3,100 feet lower than Breckenridge, CO where the 1999 Nationals where held.  The daily temperature varies greatly with the average high temperature in July of 82 degrees and the low of 41 degrees, so bring a hat and sun screen for the days and a light jacket or hoodie for the evenings.

There are many activities in the Steamboat area the following is a list:
Outdoor Other Activities
Hiking Shop Historic Downtown
Kayaking Enjoy one of the 79 Restaurants
Tubing Ride the Gondola
Golf Visit Historic Clark, CO
White Water Rafting Attend the Rodeo
Watching Wildlife  
Enjoying the Mountains  
Most of the outdoor activities have guides or some type of training available if it is your first time for that activity.

For more information about the Steamboat Springs area contact the Chamber of Commerce at 877-754-2269 or at their web site